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The Home Caddy of Naples

Basic Home Watch


Total Home Care Membership

Ph: 239-304-6939

What We Do

Have peace of mind knowing that your house will be safe and secure with our help at The Home Caddy of Naples. When entering every home we compare prepared with the tools and resources needed to provided the exceptional service you deserve. All of our staff are equipped with the QRIDit software on their smart phone, moisture reader, infrared temperature thermometer, drill with adjustable bits and flashlight to name a few things. Homeowners* in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida can turn to us for the following services:

Basic Home Watch

The Home Caddy of Naples offers a Basic Home Watch service, where along with the help of each homeowner we customize a plan tailored to their specific needs. We offer Bi-Monhtly or Weekly plans where we check everything from your A/C to electrical panel to water intrusion to car chargers. The Home Caddy of Naples utilizes the services of software provider QRIDit, which provides a detailed report for each customer while we are at the residence indicating any areas of concern, interior temperature, and much more. 

  • Verify all windows and doors are secure
  • Visual inspection for water and mold damage
  • Visual Inspection for insects and rodents
  • Check A/C and humidistat

  • Change air filter
  • Run interior waterlines to flush system out
  • Check main water valve is set to clients desired position
  • Check electrical panel

  • Visual exterior inspection
  • Visual lanai and pool enclosure inspection
  • Electronic report sent to client after each visit

Home Up to 2,500 SQ.FT.​

Weekly (4 to 5 times per month)  $30 per trip

Bi-Monthly (2 times per month)  $40 per trip

Home Up to 3,500 SQ.FT.

Weekly (4 to 5 times per month)  $35 per trip

Bi-Monthly (2 times per month)  $45 per trip

Home Up to 4,500 SQ.FT.

Weekly (4 to 5 times per month)  $40 per trip

Bi-Monthly (2 times per month)  $50 per trip 

 Home Up to 5,500 SQ.FT

Weekly (4 to 5 times per month) $50 per trip

Bi-Monthly (2 times per month)  $60 per trip

Home >5,500 SQ.FT. - CALL FOR PRICING 

Total Home Care Membership 

What is Total Home Care Membership? The Home Caddy of Naples offers all customers the ability to live a Turn Key Lifestyle while living seasonally or year around in Southwest Florida. That's right, we handle all of your day to day responsibilities of homeownership and typically for a lower cost. This exclusive membership requires an intimate relationship between us and the homeowner to best understand all of their wants and needs for the residence. We handle everything from weekly landscaping services to bi-annual maintenance of your AC Systems. We do regular checks of all services provided to make sure the level of service exceeds the customer's expectations. We provide ONE voice on your behalf to all the vendor services rendered on a monthly basis and then provide the customer with a single detailed invoice at months end with all the services performed that month. We take the hassle of home ownership out of your hands and put it on our shoulders. Total Home Care Members also receive many discounts on their additional services provided such as Basic Home Watch services, where we reduce our per trip fee by 25%. 

  • Landscaping and Tree Trimming
  • Cleaning Services
  • Air Conditioning / HVAC Maintenance and Repair
  • Electrical
  • Home Automation

  • Home Maintenance and Repairs
  • Home Renovation
  • Painting
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing

  • Pool Care
  • Pressure Washing Services
  • Real Estate Sales and Rentals
  • Roofing
  • Car Transportation

Home Up to 2,500 SQ.FT.

$69.99 per month 

Home Up to 3,500 SQ.FT.

$89.99 per month 

Home Up to 4,500 SQ.FT.

$109.99 per month 

Home Up to 5,500 SQ.FT.

$129.99 per month 

Home > 5,500 SQ.FT.

$149.99 per month 

Additional Services Offered

  • Coordinate Repair or Maintenance Services
  • Allow Access to vendors/service providers
  • Open and Prep Home For Owner or Guest Arrivals
  • Close Down Home After Owner or Guest Departure
  • Renter Check-In and Check-Out Walkthroughs (before and after rentals)
  • Trash and Recycling Bin Services
  • Pre and Post Storm Maintenance
  • Auto Transportation

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